The Premier of Cirque Burlesque by Cabo Fine Entertainment toke place that night in the prestigious hotel: Paradisus Los Cabos. 
The crowd was overwhelming whit their reaction, leaving us whit a sensation of a grate success throughout the event.
The settle silk flying and twisting in the air, lead by the rhythm of the music and movements of the dancers, gave a delicate sensual atmosphere. The performers seductively teased the crowd adorn in their vintage costumes the pleasantly highlighted their assents, arousing the audience and igniting the night. 
Our show continued with a surprising twist as a gentleman emerged from amongst the guests whit a magnificent Cyr Wheel act, leaving the public in awe!
We will never look at a chair the same way after witnessing our third act, unique dancing skills.
We progressed toward our final act, our host offered a variety of interactive activities making the crowd part of the show. 
We end the night with a fabulous acrobatic tango that was sophisticated sensual and left our audience admiring their passion and talent.
Come and visit Cabo Fine Art & entertainment, if you are looking for a one of a kind experience at your next event at Los Cabos.


12 March 2019

Stilt Walkers

Today we did a super fun photo shoot on one of the best beaches in our beautiful Los Cabos destination. Cabo Fine stilt walkers were dressed in an elegant white outfit that we designed specifically for white parties, weddings events, or fancy corporate events , combined with silver accents to highlight our addiction to shine in our company.

The hand made masks were decorated with fine rhinestones that give it the touch of shine that characterizes our Cabo Fine corporate productions.

If you visit Los Cabos consider these original stilts characters greeting your guests or welcoming at cocktail time, entertaining your event with the leading entertainment company in Los Cabos

You will see our stilt walkers juggling on stilts, walking on the sand or just dancing with your guests contributing with their talent to have the best event in Los Cabos.

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